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Author's Chapter Notes:
How much difference would really exist if Edward and Bella were not just romantic figures in a literary work of art? What if they really did exist?
Siren Blood

When I originally began writing this about a year ago, I meant it more as a journal for Bella that I would share with her when I finished it. It began as entries of what was currently happening to fix the date I was writing it, and then I began entries labeled Journal for the retelling of Bella’s story from my perspective but trying to keep the focus on her. Somewhere along the line, someone found what I was writing and began posting it on a fan fiction site without my knowledge. I suspect it was one of my siblings and eventually they will let their guard down and I will discover who it was. Until then, I have decided to post this diary/journal on another site, but I’m making some revisions and changes to some of the chapters. I am also soliciting the assistance of a friend in the posting of these stories to keep from having them traced back to me personally. It seems whoever first pirated my story also utilized her user name to post the story – I have already apologized to her for the fact that they discovered her user name and password thereby making use of her account. She has assured me that she has since changed her password a number of times since the incident occurred. With that said, I am going to present you with Bella’s real story about how we meet and what resulted from that meeting. I mean this to be Bella’s story, so if anyone has any ideas about trying to interject their own story into this, then you better think twice about it and decide to post your story somewhere else. I wish to thank all of the readers who have taken time to read this prologue; I appreciate your time and I thank you now for any reviews that you may happen to leave.

Very sincerely, Edward (for the sake of not revealing my real last name) Cullen


Chapter One – We Exist [2007]

“Edward, are you reading that book again?” Bella had silently entered the room.

“Yes, Bella, I am,” I replied as I laid my tattered copy of Twilight upon the coffee table.

“What are you up to now?” She sat down beside me and laid her head upon my shoulder.

“I quit counting at fifteen,” I answered with a soft chuckle. Neither of us had to really count; we both knew I was on my twenty-fifth reading of the book.

“Why are you reading it so often?” Her hand caressed my cheek as she spoke.

“Come on Bella, it’s our story. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder how she got so close to the truth in some places.” I pulled away from her and looked deeply into her eyes. I was beginning to wonder if it was more than a coincidence that this story was so close to ours. “You know Bella, I was on her website, and she claims the idea for this story came from a dream. That’s interesting isn’t it?”

Bella gave me that ‘what do you mean’ look that was accompanied by a slight shrug of her shoulders. “That is interesting.” It was what she was not saying that perked my interest.

“Bella, you didn’t influence that dream, did you?”

“Edward, why would you think that?” I saw the shock of my statement register upon her angelic face and I knew it was genuine.

I felt guilty for suspecting her, but I knew how she felt and what she was capable of doing to humans, “I don’t know, maybe because you’ve talked so much about wanting your story told, and the fact that you can ‘influence’ the dreams of others . . . well, it made me wonder.”

Her look of shock turned to a look of offense; it too was an extremely authentic look, so maybe I was wrong.

“How could you even think that? I know I’ve said it, but I wouldn’t do it; it would be wrong.” She stared intensely at me, “You really think I had something to do with this, don’t you?”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her onto my lap. “I’m sorry Bella, it was just a thought; I should know better than to think you would ever do anything that risky.”

Bella kissed me and added with a light bubbly laugh, “Besides, I would’ve given her a more accurate story; like the fact that you didn’t have an amazingly strong ability to resist my blood, and that you did taste it that first day we met.”

“Well, that was really your fault you know. It was your clumsiness that caused your blood to flow, and that siren blood of yours didn’t help the situation; it called to me and I couldn’t resist.” To emphasize her attraction, I trailed kisses across her neck.

Bella gave a low growl as I kissed her neck, and in a sultry tone replied, “Yes, and there’s something else she got wrong. You were never strong enough to resist because you came back for more. That first day you gave in, though, didn’t turn out the way you had expected. I guess you picked the wrong person to play around with.” As I finished kissing her, she wrapped her arms around my neck, leaned into my shoulder, and breathed in my ear as she softly whispered, “And you’ll never regret that decision to cave in because I won’t let you.”

“You little tease. You know just how to tempt me.” And she really did. It may have been her blood at first that drew me in, but I learned her blood was only the first temptation she presented for me.

As we grew closer, she quickly learned other ways to tempt me. She, for instance, would allow her breath to caress my ear, and then she would breathe on my neck and playfully bite my earlobe. She knew how that affected me, and she knew how to use it to her benefit whenever she wanted to get playful.

“I had better be the only one. I wouldn’t like to think that there is some else out there who could tempt you like I do.” She began to nuzzle my neck.

“Oh, please, like I would ever think to look at another woman. Besides, you’re a handful already, what would I do with another woman?” I teased as I began to rub my hands up and down her back, especially along her spine, which seemed to be a sensitive area for her.

“Edward?” She murmured softly.

“Yes my love,” I whispered back as I continued running my hands lightly up and down her spine.

“If you don’t stop that, you’ll have to pay the consequences,” she replied softly as she leaned into me, moved her lips to my ear, and lightly bit my earlobe.

“I know, but you started it,” I reminded her as I lifted her up while I rose off the sofa and started carrying her up to our room. How could anyone imagine I could have existed without my angel? I knew the moment I saw her that I had to have her; I just didn’t realize at the time that it would be as my wife and it would have to be forever.

At first, I did lust only for her blood, and I did try to fight that temptation but I was not always successful. After a short time, I began to learn that I wanted much more from her than just her blood. The more I learned about her the more I realized I would never be satisfied until I had her with me forever.

Unlike the books I had been reading, I truly was a selfish person, and I knew, once I discovered what Bella meant to me, that I could never let her go, and unlike the Edward in New Moon, I could never have left her like that, even if I thought it might be the best thing for her. No, as I said, I’m much more selfish than he ever was.


Somewhere around dawn the next morning, as Bella and I lay relishing in each other’s presence, she suddenly rolled toward me and asked, “Are you still reading those fan fiction stories on the internet?”

I smiled as she asked. I knew she had stopped after reading a version where she was suppose to have gone bad and I eventually ended up killing her.

That story really upset her. Bella knew she could never be as heartless or cruel as that Bella had been, and I knew that Bella would allow harm to come to her before she would allow it to affect anyone else. It was after that story that she decided not to read anymore fan fiction stories.

I, on the other hand, was curiously drawn to some of the stories. “Yes, I still read them occasionally.”

“How can you read them? Some of them are so sad, and some are so far out in left field that they are not even funny.” She ran her index finger around my lips, and then let it slide over my check until she reached my ear and began to outline it with her soft touch.

“Bella, I choose carefully which ones I’ll read, and they’re not all bad. Some of them are very good.” I loved her touch on my skin; it still sent small electrical charges and tingling sensations coursing through my body.

She moved closer to me, laid her head on my chest, and started tracing random patterns on my chest with her delicate slender finger. “Which ones do you like the best?”

I knew where this was leading because it wasn’t the first time she had asked. She wanted me to tell her about the ones where she was being protected or changed by me, and she especially like the ones that were romantic. Since I was feeling a little mischievous, I decided to tell her about the ones that didn’t fit her literary pattern.

“I like the one about Emmett’s thoughts during New Moon when I was supposed to be rushing to Italy to ‘off’ myself, and then there’s one about you being dragged underground by a werewolf.” I chuckled as I remembered that one. Bella was actually interested in someone other than me in that story and I knew she would hate it because she refused to look at any other male but me.

I use to think Emmett growled a lot when other men ogled Rose, but Bella growled whenever anyone besides me ogled her, and she could growl just as fiercely as Emmett could. In fact, they once had a growling contest with Esme and Jasper as the judges; it was declared a tie but not because they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. The truth was they found both growls just as fierce and threatening.

Funny as it may sound, Bella would growl about men looking at her. She had this idea that men should only have eyes for the women they loved. Unlike Rose, who enjoyed when men looked at her with longing and lust, Bella was repelled by it. She was rather old fashioned in her concepts of love and romance, and the only lust – in her mind – that men should entertain is for their own wives. I always considered it a blessing that Bella gift did not include hearing people’s thoughts. It could have caused some extremely unhealthy situations for those humans whose thoughts would not have fit into her ideas of acceptable behavior.

In response to the concept that she would ever choose anyone but me, Bella off-handedly commented, “Like that would ever happen. Look what happened to the last guy who thought he could charm me.”

She was right; the last guy who tried to flirt with her ended up on the ground with a broken nose and some major bruises. Actually, he got off easy because if I had been around I would have done more than just elbow him in the nose when he tried to hug Bella.

“Well, in this story,” I explained, “the werewolf was quite as amorous as that guy was. He was just trying to win your affection and attention, and he did physically carry you away from me.”

“And what, you let him?” She asked causally as she continued drawing random patterns on my chest that slowly progressed southward.

“According to the author, it seems so. I guess I did look for you, but didn’t know you were underground. It does have a happy ending, or at least where the last chapter stopped.”

“Oh! And exactly why was it happy?” Her finger that was still drawing on my chest was becoming somewhat distracting as it migrated a little further south.

“It was happy because we got married, which means,” I pulled her up so her face was by mine, “I can now do this without worrying about the consequences.” I added before locking my lips passionately on hers and progressed to tracing the edges of her lips with my tongue before aggressively seeking passage into her mouth. Just before I released her, I heard a deep moan escape from the depths of her chest.

As I let her go, she asked, “Can you even imagine being the Edward in the Twilight series who has to hold back and make sure he never kisses Bella like that.”

“No I can’t,” I replied just before I flipped her on her back and held myself over her so I could kiss her with even more passion and self-indulgence. “That Edward has no idea what he is missing,” I growled playfully, envisioning where my advances would finally lead.

Of course, I did have an inkling of what that fictitious Edward must have felt because while my Bella was human I too was unable to be with her like this. We couldn’t kiss with open passion, touching her in certain ways was totally out of the question, and intimate relationships of any kind were strictly forbidden and not just because of the moral beliefs at that time.

Enforcing those restraints on myself were almost more torturous than refraining from drinking her blood. So, for a while, I was somewhat like that masochistic Edward of the Twilight universe. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t been my siren in more ways than one, but once I heard her call of love I was just as lost as any unwary sailor who followed the call of the ancient sirens. At least my body wasn’t dashed against the rocks to be broken like those sailors who were lured to their death by the ancient temptresses. Instead, my ego was dashed and broken; I suddenly discovered I wasn’t the self-sufficient need-nobody person that I thought I was. I also ascertained I was just as susceptible to love as the next man was, but I was lucky enough to learn this from someone who was willing to love me in return even though I was a freak of nature.


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AN: This story occurs during two different periods in time. The ones that only have chapter title are occurring in a more resent time and are diary entries, and those that have a Journal number and a title are part of Edward’s entries in the journal that he keeps for the purpose of telling Bella’s true story.

I hope this helps clarify things for every one as the story progresses. Currently, chapter one is events that are more recent, and chapter 2 is Edward’s first entry in the journal. (Disclaimer: If Edward is not really writing this, then these characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, but the plot would belong to me.)
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