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Summary: Bella gets watched a lot during the four books - Edward watches her, Charlie watches her, Billy watches her - everyone watches her! This is a collection of (mostly) flashfics/drabbles/one shots about Bella being watched by various people.
Parent Series: None
Categories: Pre-Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn
Characters: Alec, Alice Cullen, Alister, Angela Weber, Aro, Bella Swan Cullen, Ben Cheney, Billy Black, Brady Fuller, Bree, Caius, Carlisle Cullen, Carmen, Charles Evenson, Charlie Swan, Charlotte, Chelsea, Claire Young, Collin Littlesea, Demetri, Edward Cullen, Eleazar, Elizabeth Mason, Embry Call, Emily Young, Emmett Cullen, Eric Yorkie, Esme Cullen, Felix, Garrett, Gianna, Harry Clearwater, Heidi, Irina, J. Jenks, Jacob Black, James, Jane, Jared, Jasper Hale , Jessica Stanley, Kate (Katrina), Kim , Lauren Mallory, Laurent, Leah Clearwater, Lucy, Maggie, Marcus, Mike Newton, Nettie, Paul, Peter, Phil Dwyer, Quil Atera, Renatta, Renee Dwyer, Renesmee Cullen, Riley, Rosalie Hale, Royce King, Sam Uley, Seth Clearwater, Siobhan, Sue Clearwater, Tanya, Tyler Crowley, Victoria, Zafrina
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Warnings: None
Stories: 5
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