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When a patient goes missing, what's a vampiric doctor to do?  Consult the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes, of course. 

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Published: 19 Nov 2010 Updated: 11 Dec 2010
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Carlisle’s long ‘life’ as a vampire opens up lots of possibilities for backstories.  We know only that he spent centuries in Europe and several decades with the Volturi after becoming a vampire in England, and that he wound up in Chicago in the early 1900s.  Who’s to say if he didn’t practice medicine for a while in his home country before moving on to America? And who’s to say that he didn’t meet a certain famous detective there as well?  In this AU version of Carlisle’s past, he finds himself consulting Sherlock Holmes by way of Dr. Watson.

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This story is set in 1890, and with anachronistic poetic license I'm pretending that Saint Thomas's hospital was not yet torn down in Southwark to make way for the Charing Cross Railway viaduct - that happened in 1862, which I didn't realize when I started the story and needed a hospital where Dr. Watson and Dr. Cullen could meet.

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Holmes is now officially on the case, but Carlisle will make an appearance too at the end of the chapter, and it won't be a passive one either.

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