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Hello!  I'm a SAHM living in Florida with my husband, two beautiful children, and my faithful dog.  I love to read, go to the movies, tinker with my camera, and enjoy watersports of any kind.  I'm also a teensy bit musically inclined and enjoy song fics a lot more than I should. When I'm not writing, you might  find me singing in the shower.

I first came to the Twilight Saga in 2009 when a neighbor insisted I read the series.  We went to their house Halloween night for trick-or-treating, and while my kids were given candy, I was given the gift of Twilight.  I feel very fortunate to have read the series at that time.  Not only had the film version already been cast, but I didn't have to wait at all for the conclusion of the series to be published.  I finished all four books in less than a week.

My journey into fanfiction started right here on this website shortly after that.  I re-read the books, re-read them again, and found out that I still needed more.  A Google search led me to way back then and I'm honored to have been asked to join this site as an author now.  It's definitely a little like coming home. :-)

My stories are all, for the most part, canon-based AUs.  I strive to keep the characters as true to the way they were written as I can, but they can waver from time to time.  Pairings will always be canon.  FYI- I appreciate the Twilight films and the actors portraying the characters, but my love affair is really with the world woven together in the pages of Stephenie Meyer's writing.  For that reason, my stories will be based on the books rather than on the movies.  (Although you will occasionally catch me borrowing lines of dialogue from them.) ;-)

Happy Reading!!  ~Ginnie


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