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I am 15 years old, with divorced parents My Dad's Family lives in Tennessee; and My Mom's in New York, But we are both from Paris, France. How cool, right? I only lived there for a few years though. Just enough for me to be forming short, choppy sentances and the word Mama alot. It used to be that I had to speak french when I went to my Mothers, but I finnaly convinsed her no, because frankly; I suck at it. My Name is Ginger Marie Snapp. I know, Im Ginger Snapp. But I actually think its cool, so lay off. Plus, Like Mary Alice, People usually call me Ginger Marie, Though I still get Called Ginger, Which I don't mind, and Marie, which I also don't, and the occasional 'Ginger Snapp, Ginger Bread House, Christmas Cookie, and Ginger Ale. To go along with my Ginger Rep, I have Red Hair and green eyes, which for those of you who don't know, in Early American immigration, many Irish people would have red hair and green eyes. It was discriminatory against them, or atleast, Im pretty sure. Im very good at thinking I know stuff until someone tells me Im wrong. I am borderline OCD about Books in general, I never do anything half way when it comes to that stuff, and especially Twilight. Im a little upset about its new popularity, and a bit put off at that. I dont talk to people about it anymore, because it just annoys me hearing people yap on and on about it. It means something special to me, and It bothers me (sometimes unjustly) when people are superficial about it. So I keep to myself and keep my Twilight loving to myself and this sight. Dont even get me started on the Movie. :)

I hav aspirations to become a writer, but I can almost never finish anything with length to it, a testiment to that is my forever unfinsihed First Days, which was going to be a very long thing that I just never got around to finnishing and probably never will. I am also terrible at all things grammar and spelling, as many of you will have noticed by now. Im hoping to go into Editing somehow, and work from there. So please, I would Love to Beta ANYTHING you might have for me. I also love to review, and try to always do atleast a paragraph. I hold the record with the longest reviews for several authors on this site. :) Its kind of my...thing, reputation, signature, what every you will. :)

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Series by Ginger_Snapp
Summary: First Days Is a collection of stories about all of the first days in Twilight from other points of view. There are four main First Day's in the series, atleast for the outsiders. Their First Day's include: First day of Bella at school, First Day of Edward gone, First Day with Edward back, and First Day after the wedding. (The Latter to be finished after BD comes out.
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