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Hi, my screenname is HuggaBella. I only mention this because I know it's wierd, and I though I should ellucidate on that. I chose it because my nickname was Hugga when I was little(everyone is forbidden to mention it now), and Bella is due to (the wonderful) Bella Swan! I'm a huge fan of Twilight, obviously or else I wouldn't have signed up for this site. I'm not an author on this site at the moment, but keep watching for me next submission period. Jasper is my favorite character, and I don't believe in team Edward vs. team Jacob(Stephenie made them both up, after all. I'm sure she loves them both). I love to write almost as much as I love to read(a book or two a day, even though Twilight is my fave)and I can't wait to get something posted. And I guess that's about it for me. Oh, and I have a slight tendency to use parentheses a bit much. Have you noticed?
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